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I believe that we are deeply shaped by our relationships throughout our lifetime. It can be hard to understand what has led us to be who we are today and therapy is an excellent resource to understand what makes us tick. Whether you would like to work through some current stumbling blocks keep you from being your best self, or want to explore deeper patterns of behavior that you’ve developed from earlier childhood experiences, I am here every step of the way to walk with you and support you. I believe therapy should be a place to feel at safe and comfortable to share your problems and experiences and I work hard to provide an environment for you to share honestly. I work with young children and their parents, couples, individual adults and teens and bring over 10 years of education and experience to my practice. I work from an attachment-based, psychodynamic perspective. My specialties include Restoration Therapy for adult individuals and couples, and Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT), for young children and their parents. I also love working with pre-martial couples and am certified in the Prepare/Enrich.   Please call me if I can answer your questions.

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